White Sapphires Vs Diamonds – What’s the Difference?

White sapphires vs diamonds are often confused for the same item, but they are not. Although they are both precious stones, they differ in a few ways. The GIA does not grade white sapphires, so their quality cannot be fully assessed by GIA. Although GIA reports do contain the four C’s (carat, color, cut, and clarity), there are additional characteristics that must be assessed in order to determine whether a particular stone is better than another. One of the most important factors is color, which cannot be measured objectively.


There are many important between White Sapphire Vs Diamond. When deciding which stone to buy, it is important to remember that there are many differences between sapphire and moissanite. Although both are made of the mineral corundum, they are cut differently and lack brilliance. A moissanite ring can look like a diamond, but you should know that it is not a real diamond. The main difference between these two gemstones is their cut.

While a sapphire is a gorgeous stone to purchase, it can be vulnerable to scratches and will not last as long as moissanite. For this reason, moissanite is the better choice for an engagement ring. The gemstone is also more affordable and more easily available.

Another difference between sapphire and moissanite is hardness. Moissanite is slightly harder than sapphire, with a Mohs hardness of 9.25. It is closer to diamonds in hardness and durability, which means it will last longer and protect against scratches.

Moissanite is a nearly colorless stone made of silicon carbide. It is a unique and rare mineral. Moissanite is made in laboratories and is just as rare as a natural diamond. Nevertheless, it is not a genuine diamond, and is not available for purchase.

Compared to diamond, moissanite is more affordable. A one-carat moissanite will cost you $600, compared to $600 for a white sapphire. The price of white sapphire will vary depending on its size, rarity, and quality. It can rival a moissanite in price, but is not a good replacement for a diamond.

White sapphires do not have the same clarity, and are often color treated. Although these gemstones are less expensive, they may contain more inclusions. Fortunately, most of these inclusions aren’t noticeable under 10x magnification. Unlike the diamond, however, white sapphires can be cleaned with a simple home ultrasonic cleaner.

Moissanite does not come with a warranty, so if your moissanite is broken or chipped, you will have to buy a new one. However, this warranty does not cover setting and labor charges. A moissanite may lose its Farbe if it is recut or repolished.

Cubic zirconia

Whether you want a sparkling ring or a classic white sapphire, both Cubic Zirconia and White Sapphires can deliver. Each stone has a different refractive index, which measures how easily light passes through a material. A stone with a higher index will appear more brilliant because it refracts light more rapidly. However, the facets of cubic zirconia may wear down more quickly than those of a diamond.

While Cubic Zirconia and sapphires are both extremely durable, some stones are more susceptible to scratches and blemishes than others. As a result, cubic zirconia may develop a cloudy or frosted look over time. These stones are also susceptible to dirt and oil. For these reasons, the hardness of cubic zirconia is important. This is because it is better at resisting scratches than softer gems. However, this does mean that maintenance is required, and eventually, you will need to replace the stone.

While the cubic zirconia gemstone is cheaper, it lacks natural gemstone inclusions. This means that it lacks the sparkle of a genuine sapphire. Moissanite is rare and only available in lab form. Using white sapphire will give you a more natural look, but you will have to sacrifice on brilliance.

White sapphires are more vulnerable to the effects of soap scum, lotions, and hard water spots. These elements will impact them faster than Cubic zirconia, so cleaning your sapphire jewelry regularly is crucial for keeping it looking its best.

If you’re looking for a durable gemstone with an affordable price tag, you may want to consider a cubic zirconia ring. Both gemstones are very similar in appearance, but they are different in terms of chemical composition, refractive index, and clarity. A white sapphire is considered a precious gemstone that doesn’t get cloudy, while cubic zirconia will become cloudy over time.


While cubic zirconia is less durable than a diamond, it does retain a high level of luster. A high-quality cubic zirconia ring will retain its brilliance for decades. A cubic zirconia ring is usually between $15 and $25.

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