Best Lab Grown Diamonds in Singapore

If you are in the market for Best Lab Grown Diamonds Singapore, there are some top choices in the city. James Allen, one of the world’s leading lab grown diamond sellers, is an excellent choice, as they carry a vast selection of the diamonds. They also offer a virtual service to help you create a custom-made ring and see it in a 360-degree view.

SK Jewellery

SK Jewellery is one of the largest jewellery retailers in Singapore. It has sixteen stores across the island, and the company’s online store features a wide selection of lab grown diamonds. The company also offers a number of exclusive deals for customers who prefer to shop online.

Since 2003, SK Jewellery has been creating beautiful diamond creations. They now sell lab grown diamonds, which are a more affordable alternative to mined diamonds. The Star Carat diamond range, from white to blue, comes with the same exceptional purity as a mined diamond, but for much less.

SK Jewellery has been one of the first jewellery stores in Singapore to offer lab grown diamonds. Since launching their lab grown diamonds in Singapore, the company has seen a huge spike in sales. This has led to a growing interest in lab grown diamonds. However, despite the positive response to these diamonds, they remain a niche category in the jewellery market.

A major factor driving the popularity of lab grown diamonds is their affordability. They are priced between 30 and 40% less than natural diamonds. That means they are an affordable alternative for people who can’t afford a natural diamond. In addition to being cheaper, these diamonds are also more ethically sourced.

Lab grown diamonds are also better for the environment. They use less energy and produce less waste than natural diamonds. Plus, they can be tracked more easily, unlike mined diamonds. Since they are created in a lab, they are easier to trace and grade. For example, lab grown diamonds are sent to a gemological laboratory to be graded.

Blood diamond are the most popular gems for engagement rings, and SK Jewellery offers the best in lab grown diamonds in Singapore. Compared to other gemstones, diamonds are more attractive and desirable. Moreover, they’re also easier to cut and polish.

James Allen

James Allen is the world’s largest retailer of lab created diamonds. This company sells over 39,000 of them, including fancy yellow diamonds, which are considerably cheaper than earth-mined diamonds. Many of these diamonds also have the same sparkle and crystal structure as natural diamonds. In addition, the diamonds are more environmentally friendly. James Allen’s Black Friday sale offers you the opportunity to save up to 25%.

James Allen is another store with a great selection of conventional diamonds. The company also offers training for diamond shoppers, as well as customizable engagement rings. Although the prices are low, the quality is real. The company is also known for its free engraving, and has an inspirational gallery to help customers choose the perfect ring.

James Allen offers over 500,000 real diamonds and over 40,000 lab-created diamonds. All of the diamonds are accompanied by a certificate from a certified lab. James Allen also takes 360-degree videos of the diamonds that it sells. To learn more about this type of certification, visit James Allen’s website.

James Allen also has a great return policy. The company allows 30 days to return a product if you are not happy with it. For US customers, James Allen even covers the cost of return shipping. James Allen also offers free shipping worldwide. In addition, the company also stands behind its products.

James Allen is an online retailer with a great inventory of diamonds. The selection is huge and the prices are fair. The diamonds are certified by the GIA, IGI, and AGS. The store also offers online chat with jewelry experts. All diamonds on James Allen come with a GIA, IGI, or AGS grading report.


James Allen also offers free shipping worldwide and has a money-back guarantee. The prices are also very competitive. Besides their large inventory, they also offer excellent customer service. You can return the ring within 30 days for any reason without any problems, and they will send you a paid return label if you are unhappy. The company is based in New York City and also has branches in Washington DC and Maryland.

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