Basic Ways to Play Uno and Useful Tips to Win Continuously

If you don’t know How to play Uno card game then the article below by Nhà Cái Trực Tuyến New88 will definitely help you. This article will help you understand what Uno is and whether the rules are difficult. Even shares useful tips for you to be confident in playing Uno,…

What is Uno?

Before studying How to play Uno card game , New88 Casino will review with you basic information about this game. Accordingly, Uno is a popular and very popular board game. It originates from America and uses a special deck of cards with many outstanding colors and symbols.

Specifically, this is a game developed by Merle Robbins in 1971 in Ohio, USA. Immediately after its appearance, the game received many positive reviews. It gradually became popular across the United States and also reached the top of the most popular board games globally.

Basic Uno card game rules

If you find out How to play Uno card game , you will know that the general principle of the game is taken from Crazy Eights – a card game that is also very popular in the US. During the game, you will have to follow the main playing principles below:

  • Principle 1:You can only play pieces of the same color or number.
  • Principle 2:Gamers can play black pieces (pieces with special functions) at any time. Simply put, if you plan to play the black card, you won’t have to worry about the previous card.

In addition, players need to pay attention to other cases such as:

  • According to the rules, if there is no suitable card to play, you must draw an additional card from the face-up pile. Furthermore, if you pick a card that complies with one of the two principles above, you can playright to avoid losing your turn.
  • If the first card dealt is a function card, you also play according to the two principles mentioned above.
  • The player can continue the loop until there are only 2 cards left in hand. At this point, you need to shout “Uno” to notify other players before officially hitting. If you don’t shout and are discovered by others, you will have to draw 2 more cards. But if you’re lucky enough to not be discovered by others, you can easily come out on top.

How to play Uno for beginners

As long as you understand the basic rules of the game, you can immediately play Uno for fun and relieve stress. You can invite acquaintances and friends to play together and compete with colorful cards. What about How to play Uno card game , participants need to follow the instructions below Casino New88:

  • Prepare a basic Uno deck of 108 cards.
  • One person will randomly shuffle the cards and distribute 7 cards equally to each person. The remaining cards are folded face down in the middle of the table.
  • The dealer will proceed to pick the first card of the undealt card (face down in the middle of the table to choose the card to play first). After the dealer draws the cards, the turn is determined clockwise from that person.
  • During the playing process, you must comply with the two principles stated in the game rules. In addition, depending on the agreement between players or the online game version chosen, you will have to comply with additional regulations.
  • No matter which version of the game you play, when you have 2 cards left, you must shout “Uno” according to the rules. Furthermore, the person who finishes first will be the winner of that round. This person will receive points and continue the other rounds until one person reaches 500 points and becomes the final winner.

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Useful tips when playing the board game Uno

When applying How to play Uno card game , you need to keep in mind a few useful tips already New88 Comprehensive casino is:

  • In the game, the final total score will be accumulated using numbered cards and other cards. The higher the number of cards, the greater the score. Therefore, you should play the cards with high numbers first to reduce your score. Avoid being ranked last when someone else wins.
  • Black leaves possess special functions that are always very important. You should not fight arbitrarily, but save it and use it in necessary cases, especially when you cannot continue fighting and want to turn the situation around.
  • Besides the basic way to play Uno, you can research and try the extended version of Uno. It also applies the general rules of basic Uno but has many special cards to bring an interesting experience to participants.
  • Live Uno game is the entertainment chosen by many groups of friends. But in addition to playing directly, you can play online. You can even easily download and install online versions of Uno to your phone to play anytime, anywhere.
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Now you know what Uno is and how to play it, right? Please apply How to play Uno but Casino New88 Share above for fun moments of entertainment!

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