What is a backpack – The latest strategy to conquer backpacks

What is a backpack? maybeis no longer a strange thing to fellow players. But conquering this way of playing is not simple because you not only need solid knowledge of betting rules, but also need to master prediction strategies to increase your chances of winning. Then follow along, Link 789BET will decode the details and provide an effective way to play the lottery.

What is a backpack? How to play?

Bao bao originated from the Central region of Vietnam and quickly spread throughout the country. This is a method of playing lottery based on the last two numbers of the lottery results announced daily.

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Betting rules What is a backpack?

  • In the North: Every day there are up to 27 lottery prizes. Players often choose a pair of numbers with a high chance of winning based on in-depth poker prediction methods.
  • Southern & Central regions: There are 18 lottery prizes every day. If the pair of numbers you choose matches the last two numbers of any of those 18 prizes, you will win.

Where is the best place to play backpack?

Besides playing traditional lottery, you can also try your luck with online lottery. Sites like 789BET provide a reliable platform for you to participate in online lottery, bringing new experiences and greater chances of winning.

Latest updated instructions on how to predict lottery numbers

Bao Lo is a popular and popular form of betting in many different regions, especially in the North, Central and South of Vietnam. Each region has unique characteristics and betting calculations that players need to understand to optimize their chances of winning.

What is the way to play bao loc in the North?

In the North, each 2D lotteries (2-number lottery) requires a specific investment, usually 23,000 VND or 22,000 VND for traditional recording, 27,000 VND for online recording. Players can receive bonuses ranging from 70,000 VND to 99,000 VND if they win.

The formula for calculating money is as follows:

  • Total bet = bet point x 23 (or 27) x number of numbers bet.
  • Winning amount = bet points x 70 (or 99) x the winning number.
  • Profit = Total winnings – Total initial bet.

In addition, 3D, 4D, 2D, 3D and 4D lottery forms are also introduced with different payout rates, creating diverse opportunities for players.

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How to play Southern backpack?

In the South, the calculation method is similar to the North but has different prices. Each 2D lottery point usually requires spending from 14,000 VND to 15,000 VND and players can receive from 75,000 VND to 80,000 VND if they win.

Backpacks in the Central region

The way to play and calculate money in the Central region is similar to the other two regions, with 2D lot prices ranging from 14,000 VND to 15,000 VND and bonus rates from 75,000 VND to 80,000 VND.

The formula for calculating money and the forms of 3D, 4D, 2nd, 3rd and 4th parcels are similar to those in the North and the South.

What is the lottery strategy?

Besides understanding What is a backpack?, when playing, bettors also need to know the experience to predict effectively. To have a deeper look at these strategies, join 789BET to analyze some extremely accurate methods:

Predict the filling

The lottery prediction method is based on analyzing and arranging number sequences from lottery results of previous draws. By tracking the repeated appearance of numbers, players will combine them into diamonds. In particular, the pair of numbers in the center of that diamond will receive special attention because they have a high likelihood of appearing in the next drawing.

Use silver to catch lots

This is a traditional method, based on the player’s experience and memory.

Players will record and track past numbers, then apply rules and personal experience to predict numbers likely to appear in the future.

What is the use of the lottery number near the maximum to catch the lottery number?

Lottery is the term for numbers that have not appeared in lottery results for a long time. This method is based on analyzing and determining the cycle of numbers. Players will bet on when these numbers are likely to appear again based on the laws of probability and statistics.

Although each method brings its own approach and perspective, the most important thing is thorough analysis, acumen in capturing trends, and constantly developing one’s own prediction skills.


Hope the sharing from 789BET comes back What is a backpack? Not only does it help you better understand how to play, but it also provides useful strategies. Please apply them to daily prediction and increase your chances of winning!

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