Recharge NEW88 – Bonus Deposit Process in Minutes

Recharge NEW88 is the form of trading that is most interested in by many bettors. This process is done through many different methods and is quite simple for you to do. Let’s explore through the specific sharing below.

How to deposit money NEW88 Quickly go through a few steps

Trang chủ New88 is a favorite sports betting address in the Asian market. With the desire to develop in many countries around the world, deposit and withdrawal activities here are invested extremely for the convenience of bettors during operations. You can apply some of the following methods:

Recharge NEW88 through online payment

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To be able to deposit money into the account, right on the main interface of the screen, players click on the deposit category and select online payment through the following specific steps:

Step 1: Select the banking system to deposit rewards

After successfully selecting the Online payment item, right at the screen interface, you can switch to the dialog box recharge NEW88

  • In the payment method category, immediately select the online transfer category.
  • Click on the automatic category.
  • Continue to select the bank branch where the player wants to deposit the bonus.

Step 2: Get the website’s banking information NEW88 

After you have provided complete information to the system, another category of information will be displayed. Here, participants should save the transaction information of the playground to perform the money transfer process.

You need to note that when recharge NEW88, the user will be provided with a different information panel. Therefore, please apply the transfer command and copy the information provided. You absolutely must not transfer money to your old account before.

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Step 3: Apply money transfer order

After successfully transferring money, open the Internet Banking application of the banking system to authenticate the money transfer order.

Deposit money through Momo e-wallet

Momo e-wallet is a transaction system that has been used quite commonly recently. This form is considered an extremely economical payment method because it does not cost too much. The transaction process at Momo wallet is quite similar type online payment form. You just need to go to the screen interface, select Deposit money and select Momo wallet and you’re done.

After accessing Momo, the unit will provide money transfer information for you to scan the QR code. If you use a computer to make a deposit, immediately grab your phone to scan the code. In case the user uses Momo wallet, please copy the information to transfer to Momo wallet.

Recharge NEW88 via phone scratch card

The form of depositing money via phone scratch cards is no longer strange to many participating bettors. Although this address is a fairly new website, the deposit method is still not too different from other units on the market. This is a way to make transactions without needing Internet Banking or an electronic banking wallet.

After clicking on the Scratch Card category, a new interface will appear in the system NEW88 will be displayed. At this point, you just need to choose the type of card you want to top up like Viettel, Mobifone, Vietnamobile or Vinaphone.

For face value, choose the number corresponding to the face value on the scratch card. When the system sets the calculation unit to 1000, use the deposit value of 100k. You click on 100 when you want to deposit 500k and finally click on the 500 box.

Some things to note when you want to make a deposit NEW88 

To make the deposit process at the system go quickly, bettors need to pay attention to the following important issues:

  • The minimum amount of money that bettors deposit into the house system will be 20,000 VND and the maximum is 20,000,000 VND.
  • You need to use your real name to make a transfer and register a betting account at the house system. This is what helps the reconciliation and transaction process go faster.
  • Players should make deposits during office hours to make the transaction process faster.
  • The larger the deposit amount, the longer the processing time will be. Therefore, participants do not need to worry if they have made a money transfer but do not see the points converted.

The above article has shared complete and detailed information about the implementation process recharge NEW88 quickly so you can apply. Hopefully through useful sharing, participants can easily top up rewards at this address and wish players have a fun and entertaining time at this unit.

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