What is a Wholesale Diamond?

Find wholesale diamonds to add to your jewellery collection or bring your ring design to life at a reputable wholesaler who have an ample supply.

Traditional retailers often offer only a select few diamonds at an inflated mark-up; wholesalers, however, provide loose certificated diamonds suitable for any budget and taste.

Loose Diamonds

Diamonds can often be purchased in bulk and sold to jewelry stores at discounted wholesale prices for use in finished jewelry pieces. By buying loose diamonds at wholesale prices directly, buyers can avoid middlemen and get their diamond at a fraction of its retail cost.

Opting for loose lab grown diamonds UK offers you more options than pre-set pieces from traditional jewelry stores. In fact, many online jewellers offer an impressive selection of loose diamonds from some of the top producers worldwide.

Apart from traditional jewelry stores by using only GIA certified diamonds, so that you know you can trust in their grade. Additionally, our mark-up of less than 9% allows for true wholesale pricing which allows us to offer unique services and benefits not typically found at traditional jewelry stores such as free shipping, 30-day returns or exchanges, quality guarantees and more!

Engagement Rings

Loose diamonds can be purchased at wholesale prices and then used to craft unique and personalized pieces of jewelry such as engagement rings or necklaces. By doing this you save both money and have something personalized and distinctive in the form of jewelry that makes an impactful statement about who you are.

By purchasing wholesale diamonds, this strategy also helps you avoid paying retail price for pre-set engagement rings which can be significantly more expensive. If you’re uncertain of the quality of diamond you are purchasing from your wholesaler, ask them for an authentic certification from a recognized grading service such as IGI or HRD to provide assurance of its value and authenticity.

Some sellers claim to be wholesalers but may not actually be. Instead, they might charge high mark-ups or offer limited selection. Wilson Diamonds has been around since 1978 and provides true wholesale pricing on loose diamonds and pre-set engagement rings – an experience you will only find with us!

Wedding Rings

Diamonds are an iconic symbol of purity, strength and love. Available in an array of shapes and sizes to meet every taste and budget, diamonds make the perfect wedding rings or other pieces of jewellery with unparalleled brilliance. When purchasing loose diamonds at wholesale prices you can save even more.

A reputable diamond wholesaler should offer an impressive selection of stones to select from and have the expertise necessary to help you select your ideal stone. They should also provide you with a certificate of authenticity to prove the quality of diamonds they sell.

There are numerous individuals claiming to be diamond wholesalers but who fail to fulfil the above criteria. They could be brokers or dealers selling directly to customers, or retailers purchasing them from wholesalers before reselling them at retail locations.


Necklaces are a popular form of neck jewelry worn for ceremonial, magical and funerary use throughout history. Most commonly made out of precious metals and stones like pearls or diamonds.

When purchasing a necklace, it is crucial that it has been certified by an established grading entity such as GIA to ensure its quality and appearance have been appropriately assessed and graded.


Some vendors claim they sell wholesale diamonds, but this may not always be true. When selecting your dealer it’s essential that they offer reliable service with true wholesale pricing while providing all of the protections and services associated with retail environments – saving our customers both time and money when purchasing their diamonds from Lumera. Our business model allows for true wholesale pricing while combining valuable retail services into our offering; customers benefit greatly from this hybrid approach to diamond sales! Our hybrid approach saves both time and money when making their diamond purchase decision!

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