Is a Lab Created Diamond Worth It?

Diamonds may be worth millions, but that doesn’t make them always worthwhile. Each natural diamond takes billions of years to form, making every natural Lab diamonds Malaysia uniquely rare and valuable.

Lab diamonds are an ethical and cost-effective alternative to mined ones, costing 20-40% less. Furthermore, their sustainable qualities make them more popular with many consumers.

1. They are chemically identical to natural diamonds

If you are concerned that your money might be wasted when purchasing lab created diamonds, rest assured that their chemical makeup is 100% identical to natural diamonds and cannot be distinguished with modern technologies. It would be impossible for a naked eye or sophisticated technology to tell the difference.

Only by carefully inspecting a man made diamonds Manchester under a microscope can it be determined whether it was grown in a lab. All lab created diamonds bear a microscopic incumbrancer.

Consumers need protection from jewellers selling lab created diamonds as natural, potentially leading to significant financial losses for customers. As lab diamonds continue to become more mainstream, this issue should quickly go away; additionally, lab created diamonds retain their value over time, making them an affordable solution for keeping jewellery pieces.

2. They are more affordable

Recent years have witnessed skyrocketing diamond prices, but lab created diamonds can offer shoppers an ethical and sustainable option at 50-70% cheaper price tags.

Though some consumers may be wary of buying lab diamonds, their popularity is on the rise. Thanks to their more affordable price point and exceptional sparkle quality, lab grown diamonds provide all of the sparkle without breaking the bank.

However, lab diamonds are just as authentic as their mined counterparts despite their lower cost; this is because they are indistinguishable from natural diamonds and approved by gemmological institutes like those used for natural ones. Furthermore, unlike synthetic alternatives like cubic zirconia and moissanite that contain artificial materials like carbon instead of diamonds – making lab created diamonds genuine diamonds.

3. They are more sustainable

While mined diamond interests attempt to promote lab grown diamonds as being for the masses and natural ones for elites, consumers aren’t buying into this argument.

Producing lab diamonds using less energy also means less environmental impact; some lab created diamonds use recycled carbon or come from renewable resources for this reason.

Alluvial diamond mining often occurs without regard for environmental or social considerations or local communities, while lab created diamonds tend to touch less hands during production resulting in cost savings that are passed directly on to customers. All of these factors make lab created diamonds an attractive sustainable solution, particularly important when purchasing jewellery that prioritizes ethical and environmental responsibility.

4. They are more durable

Diamonds may be one of the hardest substances on Earth, yet they still can chip and scratch over time. Lab diamonds are more resilient and will keep their sparkle forever. Moissanite rank 9.25 to 9.5 on Mohs scale and provide permanent scratch-proof surfaces at half of their price of diamonds.

If environmental sustainability, knowing where your jewellery comes from and getting enhanced quality for a fraction of the cost are of high importance to you, lab created diamonds may be worth exploring as an ethical alternative to natural diamonds. Lab created diamonds typically cost 30-50% less due to eliminating long supply chains and costly mining costs; making them a more sustainable and ethical alternative; prices will likely continue to fall as technology improves and technology advances further.

5. They are more ethical

As a foundation-first company, we commit a minimum of 10% of net profits towards educational, mentorship, agricultural and urgent relief programs in diamond and gold mining communities. Shop our exceptional American-grown lab diamonds that are both conflict free and up to 40% less costly than mined diamonds!

Diamond manufacturing requires considerable energy, yet companies like the fully solar powered Diamond Foundry are taking steps to make their labs carbon neutral.


However, it’s impossible to predict how long this trend will persist; as technology improves and the production process becomes simpler and cheaper, their resale value could decline over time; yet currently they remain an appealing choice among millennials and Gen Z who care more about ethical impact than previous generations did.

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