Super Hot FUN88 Promotion Can’t Be Missed

If you are a member of the most prestigious Nhà Cái Fun88 bookie today, you will certainly not be able to ignore the attractive promotions here. Therefore, we invite you to read with us to learn more about the FUN88 promotion program to choose an appropriate reward event for yourself.

1. Summary of FUN88 promotions

FUN88 is a bookie that owns an extremely large number of members and huge financial potential. Therefore, the playground every day brings players attractive promotions. Specifically:

1.1.FUN88 welcome promotion for newbies

When a member joins for the first time and makes a deposit to the account, there will be a chance to receive a welcome bonus. Depending on the player’s deposit amount, the player will receive from 100 to 150% of the top-up card value. Therefore, this is known as one of the most attractive offers at FUN88.

1.2FUN88 promotion to join the slot game lobby & shoot fish

The slot and shooting game hall at FUN88 inherently has a high reward rate and many attractive games that are easy to win. The house FUN88 also offers the betting community many top-notch promotions and you can reap great rewards up to billions of dong.

Promotion FUN88 to join the slot game & shoot fish lobby

1.3 Sports and e-sports game lobby offers

FUN88 is having a promotion program for all new members of the house to participate in sports betting, e-sports. With the promotion period from June 2023 and unlimited. Players can experience as much as possible and receive bonus values from 100k to 300k.

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2.FUN88 promotion when betting at casino lobby

When players participate in betting at the casino lobby at the house, you will have the opportunity to receive the following incentives:

Betting on 3D casino games online players will receive an additional 0.3% weekly rebate.

Experience live casino and participate in weekly tournaments will have the opportunity to receive 345,000,000 VND.

Hot FUN88 Promotion Cant Be Missed

2.1 Promotion only for members owning VIP accounts

If you are a FUN88 VIP member, the unit also gives players great deals every day. This promotion strategy helps the house effectively retain players to join the house. When you become a VIP member, you will have more benefits and higher return rates when betting at FUN88.

Promotion Cant Be Missed

2.2 Incentives when betting on lottery FUN88

When participating in the lottery lobby betting at FUN88, you will have the opportunity to get an extremely attractive bet refund with a minimum cashback value of 5,000 VND, up to a maximum of 2,000,000 VND. Players can register and place bets to receive an attractive bonus amount!

3.Some notes when participating in FUN88 promotion

In the process of registering to participate in the promotion program at the FUN88 house, you need to pay attention to a few issues to ensure that you can receive the full bonus value. At the same time, it helps you minimize the troubles you may encounter in the process of receiving rewards.

3.1 Players need to clearly read the terms & conditions of the offer

Before accessing the house and registering through the promotion link, you need to read and understand the terms and conditions of the program. This helps players understand the content of the program so that they can bet and receive rewards easily.

Each promotion program will have its own regulations and requirements on expiry date and revenue to be achieved. Therefore, you need to fully comply with these rules to ensure your rights!

Cant Be Missed

3.2 Check the FUN88 promotion link

Players need to ensure that the FUN88 promotion link you use is a valid link shared from the house system. Gamers can check the link directly on the official website of the unit or through reputable betting forums to verify.

3.3 Players can only use 1 IP address and account

To be able to enjoy the FUN88 promotion offer, you need to make sure to register a new account with a unique IP address. Gamers need to fill in their information during the registration process and absolutely do not use multiple accounts for the purpose of profiting the house.

If FUN88 finds out that a player violates this provision, the house will handle it according to the rules. At the same time, your account will be permanently locked and not allowed to participate in fun at FUN88.


The most complete and detailed FUN88 promotion has been shared by us with our readers through the content of the above article. Hopefully, after referring to this content, players will quickly register for an account to participate and experience to bring back the most valuable gifts!

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