Trending Mehnedi Photo Shoot Ideas 2023

The mehendi ceremony at Indian weddings is n event designed for fun. It is colourful, vibrant and spectacular in the way it mixes many rituals. Starting from fun themes, stunning outfits, and quirky mehendi looks, this is the event where you experiment. We love the fact that everyone, from the couple to the guests, gets involved in the effervescent nature of the ceremony. The mehendi ceremony offers a break from the stress of wedding planning. It is a glimmer of hope that the planning and majority of the execution are done. All anyone needs to do now is have fun. Now, we know that capturing special moments is essential to any event. A mehendi photo shoot secures all beautiful moments along with the quirk. But what becomes significant is keeping the focus in mind. The bride of course! 

As the mehendi ceremony is primarily done by the bride’s side of the family, capturing the bride is necessary. Various mehendi photo shoot ideas keep the bride and her hands in mind. After all, the primary purpose is to show off the beauty of the intricate mehndi designs right? Hence, we know you are looking for some stunning mehendi poses and photo shoot concepts to look phenomenal at your mehendi ceremony. So, below we have some of our best shoot ideas for your mehendi. Just keep on reading!

Top Mehendi Photo Shoot Ideas

Process-Focused Mehendi Photo Shoot Ideas

A fun aspect of mehendi images is the process of the mehendi application. It can be on the guests or the bride, but it always gives beautiful pictures to adore later. We love images that show the mehendi being applied to your hands as the bride. If you are laughing, conversing and in general looking like you are having the time of your life, even better. There is nothing more stunning than a bride enjoying all the tiresome processes and rituals of her wedding. So make sure that your mehendi catalogue includes some in-process pictures. 

Couple Shots

Images of the bride and groom together are a must for any wedding festivity. The same holds for the mehendi ceremony. We have shown here some romantic yet elegant poses for the bride and the groom. You need to remember to flaunt your mehendi as that is what makes these images stand apart from the others. A couple’s mehendi photo shoot is perfect because it keeps the bride and the groom in mind whilst focusing on the mehendi as well. So definitely give these a try for memories you will cherish forever. 

Show Off Your Feet

In many cultures, the mehendi is also applied to the bride’s feet. So when getting mehendi images clicked, do not discount your feet. They often have incredibly intricate designs. When paired with the right accessories and backdrop, they can be the most beautiful mehendi images of the lot. So, do give your feet a chance and show off the beautiful artwork with confidence. 

Source: The Cheesecake Project, Wed About

Mehendi Photo Shoot With Your Face Covered

Being on the nose with your wedding pictures is always a good idea. These images highlight the theme of every ceremony and ensure that all pictures look different. So, for your mehendi photo shoot, consider covering your face with your hands. This pose will highlight the designs of the mehendi on your hands and showcase the uniqueness of the event. 

Low Angle Mehndi Shot

A fun and creative way to show off your mehendi design is with a low-angle shot. Low-angle shots naturally look very artistic and unique. With a shot like this, the focus can be on your hands without having to hide your face. The best part is that such an image automatically drowns your eyes towards whatever is closest to the viewer. So this will ensure that everyone can appreciate the elegant beauty of your mehendi design easily in a stylish image. 

Quirky Poses

We love seeing brides enjoy their wedding festivities. So do not let the stress of the wedding get to you. So, dance to the music, eat good food and make sure it translates into the images. The best way to do so is with quirky images highlighting your mehendi. It does not have to be just the mehendi though. You can showcase the theme of the event as well. Get images of yourself clicked while you are dancing. You can be an inspiration for other brides to get fun images clicked. The best part about images like these is that they look free and joyous. Posed photos are good but they can sometimes look rigid. Quirky images remove that rigidity and let the bride’s personality shine. 

Mehndi Photo Shoot With The Bride Squad

How can we forget about the bride’s squad in any event? We absolutely cannot. One of the most comfortable and fun images you can get clicked is with your bridesmaids. Try unique poses and artistic arrangements to add the oomph. So get your girls together and try out these unique and interesting poses for your mehendi photo shoot in 2023. 

Mehendi Photos With The Family

Well, we have included the bridesmaids and the groom, so we can’t forget about your family. Wedding pictures with the family are always sentimentally beautiful Everyone looks happy but they have a tendency to be bittersweet. However, that does mean that we don’t do them. So, get your family together, bride, and click incredible pictures with them. You can go classic or be artistic with interesting poses. The choice is yours. 

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Mehendi Poses With Your Back

A new and trending way to show off your mehendi design is to pose with your back to the camera. This gives you the freedom to do many poses with your hands. It is one of the easiest ways to get unique mehendi images with low effort. With your back towards the camera, the focus will automatically go to your hands. This way the design and intricacy can be appreciated easily along with your hairstyle. 

And that’s it! These were some of our favourite trending mehendi photoshoot ideas for 2023. We hope you find some inspiration and experiment with them.  For any assistance regarding wedding or personal styling, contact us at Styl-Inc and our team of expert stylists will get in touch with you.

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