789BET Offer – Get Instant Bonus When Joining Casino Section

789BET offers are always information that many players are interested in, especially at Casino products you will get countless valuable gifts. Please refer to the content below to be able to know specifically about the hottest promotion policies today.

1.What is the 789BET Offer?

Once coming to a brand in the top of the betting market like 789BETs, bettors cannot ignore the attractive incentive policies here. Thanks to its strong economic potential, the bookie has regularly held promotions to thank the long-standing support of players.

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If the bettor knows how to take advantage of the 789BET promotional events effectively, this will be a source of capital to help you gain confidence before entering the bet. Note, players need to follow the requirements set by the house, this will make the process of receiving prizes easy and extremely convenient.

Overview of the 789BET bonus event for players

When accessing the 789BET Promotions section, the interface will display all information about ongoing events. These include Super Hot, Recharge, Shoot Fish, Card Games, Games, Cockfighting and Sports. In particular, the main product that many bettors are most interested in is Casino.

2.Compilation of great deals for the Casino section

If you are a fan of the red and black game, you should not ignore the huge 789BET offers that the house brings. Here, whether winning or losing, bettors also have the opportunity to get a bonus, follow the following content to know more about promotional events, specifically:

2.1 Offer 789BET on loss insurance Casino refund 12,789,000 VND

Bettors when participating in money at the Casino lobby of the 789BET house will have a great opportunity to receive a loss insurance promotion up to 12,789 bonus points. Note, the only condition that players need to fulfill is that they must succeed in 1 betting round in this product to be able to receive money at any time.

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Overview of the offer 789BET offers Casino loss insurance

The process of receiving the bonus is extremely simple, after you have met the criteria to participate in the offer, please contact the customer service system of the bookie immediately. Note, the deadline is only counted in the day, the next day you will not apply.

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2.2Get big rewards when there are many consecutive winning bets

This policy applies to all members at the house when playing at the Casino lobby, except AG, EVO and AB. With a series of consecutive wins, you can participate in receiving rewards up to 2,888 points. Player bets need to be more than 300 points to be eligible for the promotion.

In order to receive the 789BET offer successfully, bets must be on the same table to be considered valid. In the event of a tie ticket, your achievement will be canceled and recalculated as before.

2.3 Lucky bets to receive prizes up to VND 20,789,000

This playground always offers generous promotions to members participating in Casino products, except for the EVO lobby. For bettors with the ID number ending in the lucky bet, they will immediately receive x30 bonus points, the absolute value that you can receive is 20,789 points.

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Get an attractive 789BET offer when you own a lucky bet

This promotion policy is only applied during the day and each player can only receive the bonus once. Note, the bookie will automatically check the transaction history of the most recent bet ticket based on the data provided by the analysis system. To be able to withdraw successfully, it is imperative that the bettor has successfully completed 1 betting round.

2.4Get bonus points every Saturday

Every Saturday, participating in Casino products at the house will help you bring back attractive rewards. Details will be shown through the content below.

Total score of the week is 300,000: Get 100 bonus points immediately.

The total score of the week is 600,000: Instantly receive 200 bonus points.

The total score of the week is 1,000,000: Get 300 bonus points immediately.

The total score of the week is 2,000,000: Instantly receive 800 bonus points.

The method of receiving the gift is very simple, you just need to click on the red envelope icon then select “Receive”. Bet players need to get it immediately within 24 hours, if you do not receive the bonus, it will be counted as expired.

2.5Play Baccarat and get instant rewards up to VND 2,789,000

Bettors will immediately receive 10% of the lost bet and 20% of the winning bet profit for the game of Baccarat. In addition, this promotional event will not apply to game halls such as AB, AVO and AG.

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Play Baccarat to receive a huge 789BET offer

Note, the condition for you to receive this offer is that in that game the house is 9 points and the house is 8 points and cannot draw a third card. The maximum bonus points that the player earns is 2,789.

Above is all the information about 789BET offers in the main product Casino that we have fully compiled for you. Quickly visit the house to receive attractive promotions immediately.

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