Women’s elegant dresses: choosing the right one

By choosing women’s elegant dresses that suit the figure, a woman will feel comfortable, confident, and attractive. Some styles – A-line and V-neck – are universal, as they suit most body types and different styles. A linen duvet cover is a luxurious and breathable bedding option. 

Choosing a dress for a full figure

Curvaceous women are advised to choose a dress for an evening of a simple design, without superfluous features, especially in neutral, dark colors. Plunging cuts, deep necklines, open shoulders, and short hem lengths are examples of styles to stay away from since they expose the body.

Fashionistas with huge busts should refrain from wearing backless items because these will not adequately support the bust, which will be uncomfortable. These women wear multi-layered, long A-silhouettes that cover their figure’s imperfections. Decorate your home with high-quality linen products from Sand Snow Linen and get a free gift with all orders over $100.

Choice of length

Designer evening gowns are presented in all lengths:

  • short (mini) – ending above the knees;
  • medium length (midi) – with a hem to or just below the knees;
  • long (maxi) – with a hem to the ankle or to the floor.

It is recommended to choose the length of the formal party dresses taking into account the height. Petite girls should steer clear of long trains and fluffy skirts because the excess fabric will visually shorten and bulk out the figure. They should select micro, midi, or maxi items with a tiny slit on the thigh to lengthen the silhouette. Long designs with large cutouts look especially attractive on tall women.

Important! It is preferable to choose styles with hems that stop at the level of the thinnest regions of the legs, up to or just below the knee or to the ankle, to make the legs appear longer.

You should take the event’s format into account while deciding on the duration. Long dresses are preferable for formal occasions (going to the opera), while short cocktail dresses are equally appropriate for more casual ones (holiday parties, birthdays, and graduations).

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