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Projects of small houses: ergonomics and functionality

The small size of the country plot is not yet a reason to give up the benefits of civilization and huddle in an uncomfortable battle every summer. Can vacation in the country be complete if each of the residents does not have their own personal space? In this article, sacramento kitchen remodeling contractors will tell you how to turn your six acres into an advantage and find a small house project that meets the needs of the most demanding customer.

A small area has its advantages

Compact buildings include projects with a total area of ​​up to 150 m2, which are suitable for a family of 4-5 people and have many undeniable advantages. Let’s highlight the most important ones. it:

  • Affordable cost. The cost of building a small cottage is comparable to buying a two-room apartment in a metropolis. As an option, any bank, if necessary, will provide a mortgage for the construction of such housing, which opens up opportunities for an average family.
  • Savings on heating. Unlike huge cottages, which take the lion’s share of the family budget for space heating, small houses are a real find for careful owners.
  • Quick turnaround times. It will take from 3 to 6 months to design a house of a small area, build it on a turnkey basis and put it into operation. The chosen type of wall material, features of the construction technology and the complexity of the project itself have a direct impact on the execution time.
  • Profitable capital investment. Compared to 300-meter mansions, which have been waiting for their buyer for years, country cottages of a small area are highly valued in the real estate market. Such buildings can be easily sold or exchanged for one or two apartments at the owner’s request.

How to choose the perfect project for a small cottage

A beautiful photo in the portfolio and a list of technical characteristics will help to form only a general impression of the future building. The guarantee that the chosen option will serve the customer with faith and truth is under deep question. That is why when considering the projects of small country houses, it is important to take into account a number of nuances that will determine the comfort of living for the whole family in the future.

  • Superficiality. Here there are only two options: building a cottage with a full second floor or arranging an attic space for residential meters. With proper insulation, the attic will be the best option for a bedroom, children’s or guest room.
  • Soil type. It is a determining factor when choosing the type of foundation base. On difficult soils, you will have to spend on arranging a powerful monolithic foundation, on areas with a high level of groundwater – a pile-type foundation.
  • Number of residents. After multiplying the number of residents by 40, the result is the exemplary dimensions of the building in accordance with SNiP. Thus, the formation of low-functional transit zones is excluded and the creation of a comfortable living space for each family member is ensured.
  • Stairs. For small projects of houses and cottages, spiral staircases are most often used. In contrast to the overall classic options, screw models take up a minimum of useful space and are suitable for any stylistic image.
  • Lighting. This item mostly applies to the attic, where without large windows, the room can easily turn into a sad attic. Installation of window structures on the entire plane of the gable will create full-fledged natural lighting and visually expand the living space.
  • Using recessed space. If the plot of land is not prone to flooding as a result of melting snow and torrential rains, and the groundwater level is normal, you can equip the basement floor for a workshop, study, billiard room or underground garage. There will be even more places.

Competent design of small cottages will eliminate most of the disadvantages of compact buildings and turn them into advantages. In addition, the development of an individual project solution will be the first step towards realizing the customer’s cherished dream of an ideal home, reducing construction costs and rational use of every centimeter of precious space.

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