Industrial Security Trends and Insights for 2023

Industrial security is an essential and constantly evolving field that plays a critical role in guaranteeing the safety of industrial facilities, employees, and equipment. As the industrial sector constantly grows and changes, security needs also evolve, calling for new and innovative security measures to address emerging challenges. In this article, we explore some of the most significant industrial security trends and insights for 2023, including the adoption of turnstile barrier gates.

Advanced Access Control Solutions

Access control is crucial for maintaining a high level of security in industrial facilities. The adoption of advanced access control solutions has become increasingly significant in recent years, with biometric scanners being a popular choice for industrial security systems. Additionally, turnstile barrier gates are becoming more prevalent in industrial facilities, providing a physical barrier at the restricted access points of industrial facilities.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming various industries, including industrial security. The incorporation of AI algorithms in security systems is providing advanced detection and analysis of any threats, which could lead to a security breach. AI algorithms, when used in conjunction with surveillance technologies and turnstile barrier gates, provide a potent combination that ensures maximum security in industrial facilities.

Data Security

Data breaches are becoming increasingly common in industrial facilities, making data security a crucial consideration in industrial security. It is essential to invest in advanced data security measures such as access logs, encryption solutions, and advanced firewalls to protect the sensitive data captured by industrial systems. Companies are also implementing the use of turnstile barrier gates to heighten the safety measures and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

IoT and Cybersecurity

The internet of things (IoT) is transforming industrial operations and processes by connecting operational equipment to computer networks. However, just like accessing the devices remotely offers an easy solution for maintenance purposes, it also exposes industrial facilities to an entirely new set of security risks. Cybersecurity measures are now crucial in industrial facilities to prevent any attempts at hacking the interconnected devices. Companies are installing turnstile barrier gates in critical areas with electronic equipment, thereby preventing risks of cybercrime.

Employee Training

Employee training remains an integral part of industrial security operations as social engineering, and social hacks become an increasingly bigger challenge. Employees need to remain vigilant and maintain proper security protocols to prevent these security threats from resulting in severe breaches. Companies are introducing mandatory security training sessions for employees to encourage active participation and help mitigate any internal security threats.


Industrial security trends and insights for 2023 present new challenges that need to be addressed to heighten the security posture of industrial facilities. Advanced access control solutions provided by the turnstile barrier gates, machine learning, and cybersecurity measures, data protection, and employee training are significant trends that will make a difference in achieving a more secure environment during the next ten years. Keeping updated on emerging industrial security trends and best practices is crucial in preventing security breaches and ensuring day-to-day peace of mind. Therefore, companies must continually invest time and due diligence in their industrial security measures.

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