How to sheathe a house with siding?

Today’s article will focus, as usual, on a modern and technologically advanced finishing material called siding. It has become widespread, as it has a number of positive aspects – a relatively low price, a beautiful and varied appearance and high strength. You need to know some of the secrets of its installation and how to prepare the walls and find the right tools.

Many sources claim that you do not need special and great skills. This is true, but only if your hands do not grow out of … If you have never been connected with construction and repair, I would still recommend finding a good hardie siding contractors.

Facing the house with siding is carried out in several stages:

  1. Calculation of the required amount of siding.
  2. Purchase of material.
  3. Buying or searching for a tool needed for the job.
  4. Preparing walls for cladding.
  5. Frame installation.
  6. Installation of insulation (if necessary).
  7. Wall siding.

Choose a quality siding or façade manufacturer who supplies detailed installation instructions and fasteners with the product.

How to prepare the surface for the installation of basement siding

First of all, free up as much work space as possible. This will speed up the work.

You will have to dismantle some elements of the building:

  1. Window shutters.
  2. Window sills that protrude outside.
  3. Old water pipes.
  4. Rain tides.
  5. Cornices.

Frame for vinyl siding

After preparing the walls, it is necessary to repair all existing cracks and cracks on them. Now we are building a crate for siding panels . It is made from wooden bars or a galvanized metal profile, you can also use a special plastic crate, which has recently appeared on the domestic market. When installing siding panels horizontally (and this is the most common installation method), the frame rails must be mounted vertically on the wall surface – that is, perpendicular to the panels. The gap between them should be no more than 40 centimetersis a very important rule. Why – I will tell in another article. Do the opposite when installing siding vertically. To insulate the walls of the house, place the insulation material inside the crate (the space between the wall and the siding). It should be tightly laid or fixed. Since the insulation and the profiles of the crate will turn out to be flush, it is necessary to fill the counter-crate on the profiles.

Siding paneling

In order to properly install the sidig on the walls, there are several important rules:

  1. During fastening, a thermal gap of 1 mm must be observed. This is the distance between the panel and the head of the screw. This will prevent the panels from bursting during expansion during the hot season.
  2. There must be a gap between the edge and end joints of panels and laths. It is 3-5 millimeters.
  3. Tighten the screw strictly in the center of the oblong hole for fastening.

First of all, install the start profile. When installing it, use a building level or a laser level. To hide corner and end connections, there are 2 types of profiles: corner and connecting. If you follow these rules, there will be no problems with the installation of siding or facade panels.

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