Designing Jewellery with Man-Made Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds (also referred to as synthetic, cultured or manufactured diamonds) are becoming more and more popular due to their lower price point and ethical sourcing. As a result, lab-grown diamonds are fast becoming an attractive option for jewellery pieces requiring diamonds.

Designers are bringing their visions to life with man made diamonds Malaysia in an array of styles and cuts. From statement hoops to dainty stud earrings, our collection has something for everyone.

Warren Jewellers

Warren Jewellers knows that lab created diamonds UK are the epitome of love, and can help their customers express their emotions through custom-designed jewellery. From solitaire rings to three-stone designs and halo designs, their collection offers something for everyone–to symbolize both a couple’s relationship as well as individual styles.

Warren of Calgary, Alberta has been designing and selling diamonds since 1919. Their knowledgeable team will assist you throughout every step of the process – from selecting an ideal cut to choosing the ideal style of shank.

The jewellery store recently expanded their selection to include an array of stone groupings and unique designs that reflect the growing trend for custom diamond engagement rings. Customers can choose from a solitaire ring to a three-stone ring with a halo, with them being recognized as Calgary’s go-to jewellers for man-made diamonds.

Dedicated to creating jewellery that brings happiness to its wearers, creating pieces with elegant simplicity. Their collections range from delicate engagement rings to grand ensembles, all featuring high-quality gemstones and diamonds for lasting radiance.

a proud heritage of creating jewellery with man-made diamonds. This brand offers lab-created diamond rings in an array of styles, such as delicate Danica bands, stackable rings and bridal sets.

Their fashion collections showcase an extensive collection of statement jewellery, such as high-fashion earrings and bracelets made from coloured gems. These stunning pieces add a luxurious touch to any ensemble and can be the perfect way to inject some colour into your ensemble.

Clean Origins is an ideal option for customers seeking responsibly sourced, ethically sourced and eco-friendly lab-created diamonds. Their team has undergone rigorous training in the diamond industry so they can offer first-hand knowledge to their customers.

The Perfect Setting

The Perfect Setting offers an extensive selection of engagement rings featuring man-made diamonds. Their lab-grown stones come in all cuts and carat weights, as well as stunning settings in various styles that will surely wow anyone who views them.

They offer an extensive selection of coloured diamonds, such as white sapphires and zircons. These gemstones come in various shades at more reasonable costs than natural stones, making them a great option for couples on a budget.

Making lab-grown diamonds is a complex process. There are two primary methods: Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) and High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT).

The Jewellery Room

The Jewellery Room’s Copenhagen showroom showcases the best of Denmark’s vibrant jewellery scene. Here, visitors can explore a carefully curated selection of Danish designers with an international flair, allowing them to appreciate and experience the diversity of Danish fine jewellery.

Their designs are both warm and captivating – their jewellery speaks of memory, blending Nordic lightness with Middle Eastern culture in captivating shapes. Their delicate pieces are inspired by women and their stories – all translated into wearable forms that bring them closer to us.


The Vesper console and low table take inspiration from stone settings in jewellery, featuring polished gold lacquer, bronze-coloured straw marquetry or complex eggshell-like textures framed by cast bronze legs for a sense of sculptural grandeur.

Maintain the beauty of your precious jewels with ease using a drawer lined in soft velvet for an elegant jewellery store aesthetic. Add it to any space for added sophistication – dresser, vanity or desk included!

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