Check Out the Most Popular and Attractive House Bets

Currently, online bookmakers always have to update popular bookmakers to give bettors more choices. Which bets have become popular, please refer to the nhà cái 789BET bookie in the article below.

1. What is the house bet?

Betting is a bet used to determine the win or loss between two teams participating in the same match. Based on the house odds that the players will predict and bet on which team will win after the end of the match.

Usually, the house system will give the odds about 1 week before the match takes place in order for you to have calculations, thoughts and bet decisions. Choosing the right betting odds for your financial resources is something that bettors often prioritize.

2.Some popular house betting odds

Currently, the bookmakers offer a lot of odds, in which the prominent and popular are some types of bets such as:

2.1 Handicap

Handicap ¼ is also known as the same-door bet, which means you will win if the team you bet on wins. In case the match is drawn, you will lose ½ of your bet and when the team loses, you will definitely lose.

2.2 Handicap

This bet is also known as the left half bet. Bettors will place bets on the team that they think will win and if they win at the end of the match, they will get all the bonus money. Conversely, if the team you bet on loses, all previous bets will be forfeited.

In this bet, there is no case of losing half the money or winning half the money. For this game, you should prioritize choosing the home team or the team that has the advantage of players, tactics, …

2.3 The house handicap bet 1 left

You can simply understand that the handicap 1 left means that in the match, if there is a difference between the two teams, think about betting on this market. When the game starts, there will be a score of 2 – 0 in favor of the bottom team.

There will be cases where the results will occur in this bet:

If the final result is a draw, the bottom team will win.

If the top team wins with a ratio of 1-0, it means that the two teams are tied.

If the top team wins with a difference of 2 goals, then the upper door wins, you will get the entire bet amount.

If the bottom team wins, there is no need to consider anything anymore. The bettor who bets on the bottom will take the entire amount.

2.4 Handicap

Continuing a popular house bet today is the half bet. The betting rules of this market are quite simple and easy. If you win with a score difference of 1 goal, you will eat half of your bet, if you have a difference of 2 goals, you will eat the entire amount.

The way to play is simple and easy, so the number of players choosing this bet is quite large and large.

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3.Experience in betting on house bets

For rookies who are new to learning about online sports betting games, they should learn from experienced brothers who have gone before. Get the following basic information:

3.1 Know the information about the teams

The first thing that bettors need to pay attention to is the information about the team that will be the betting factor in the next match you are looking to aim for.

You should remember that you have to identify which team is in a stronger position and is superior to the rest. How did the team perform in the previous matches, from which to analyze and decide which team to bet with which odds is reasonable.

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3.2 Analysis from multiple sources of information

As an online betting game player, you must definitely grasp useful information sources. Groups, bookmakers analyze and determine which odds are reputable can refer to and get information and betting bases.

3.3 Choose a reputable bookie

A very important factor you should pay attention to is choosing a reputable bookmaker. The fact that reputable bookmakers will offer attractive house bets, the process of exchanging and paying bonuses is fast and absolutely safe.

Above are the information about the popular bookmaker bets that the article brings to you. Hopefully, this knowledge will help you better understand each type of bet and then choose a form of rafters that suits your financial ability.

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