BK8 Offer – Top 5 Hot Deal Events at BK8

BK8 offers are always a topic discussed by many bettors on forums. This betting site regularly launches many attractive incentive policies to support members. Today’s article will share with you the top 5 most special promotions going on at the house BK8 ac.

1.Conditions and terms when participating in BK8 offer

In order to enjoy BK8 preferential items, members need to comply with a number of terms and conditions set by the house, specifically as follows:

All promotions will be calculated in Vietnam time zone (GMT+7) and the main currency is VND.

If there are more than 2 accounts using the same payment method and IP address. At this time, BK8 has the right to cancel that preferential policy and withdraw the related accounts.

In case any individual uses BK8 incentives for nefarious purposes. The system immediately revokes the account and the right to receive incentives. All player information will be blacklisted permanently.

We reserve the right to ask you to provide information again in order to reduce fraud cases and ensure the safety of gamers.

2.Top 5 most special BK8 promotions

In general, the house BK8 is very interested in its customers and always wants to bring the best for users. Therefore, this website has launched a series of attractive BK8 promotions to strengthen the betting spirit of each gamer.

2.1 Golden birthday get very attractive gifts

Promotion object: For all members at BK8. To celebrate the player’s birthday, the system will give birthday gifts with bonus points up to 28,888 points.


Bet players must register successfully within 30 days from the birthday.

Total deposit of 2000 points or more in at least 30 days from the date of registration.

To register to receive this BK8 offer, you must provide personal information to the customer service department. We guarantee absolute confidentiality of this information.

2.2 Unlimited Hot Bonus at the rate of 0.5%

This is one of the bookie’s outstanding promotions on refunds and reloads for all players and applies to betting games (except lotteries – lotteries).

When you top up via ATM, MoMo, Zalo Pay or other online payment methods, you will receive the BK81 recharge offer with a discount of 0.5%.

Screenshot 1 1

2.3 Bonus up to 1% on automatic deposit

This is a BK8 offer that allows you to recharge your total bet amount up to 1% on auto deposit. Gamers will receive a refund rate of up to 0.5% for the entire value of the top-up card.

Accordingly, there is no limit to the number of recharges during the duration of the program. The higher the number of bets, the bigger the winnings you get.

2.4 Offer to win 5 par bet tickets with up to 50% refund

For this BK8 offer, a player who wins 5 rounds or more will be refunded 50% up to 1000 points for the player bet.

After winning the prize within 24 hours (GMT + 8), please contact BK8’s customer service department and register to receive the reward. From Monday to Sunday, you will receive a bonus once a week.

2.5 offers BK8 casino game lobby

For the Casino lobby, the promotion is only applicable to bets at one table on the same day.

Accordingly, the required number of bets must be 300 or more and does not include tie tickets. In the event of a tie, all bets will start from the beginning. Casino players can only sign up for the offer once daily, and GMT+8 time zone usually takes precedence.

The offer is only valid for the day, after the new day, you will not be able to register the previous promotion anymore. If any member has a valid bet slip, please immediately contact the customer service staff for support to receive the prize.

Screenshot 2

3. What are some basic notes when participating in BK8 offers?

When participating in BK8 promotional events, bettors need to note some of the following information:

3.1 Read the offer information carefully

Carefully reading information about BK8 offers is essential for you to understand the rules and conditions for registration of offers that the house offers. Find out which game genres are applied to which promotions, how to register, etc. To make sure you don’t violate all the rules of the house.

3.2 Comply with promotional requirements

It is very important to comply with the requirements of the incentive program. Because if you make a small mistake, you will also be counted as invalid. At this time, members will not receive ưu đãi Bk8.

3.3 Contact customer service staff to issue betting codes

For each promotional event, immediately after successful registration and confirmed by the system. Members need to contact the staff to get a betting code.

Above is an update related to BK8 promotional events for players. Hopefully these programs will help bettors place better bets and win quickly.

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