Pictures of the Guy Alvin Kamara Beat Up Outside of a Las Vegas Casino

The NFL Pro Bowl is coming up Sunday, and New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara was arrested for allegedly beating up a man outside of a Las Vegas casino. The man suffered an orbital fracture on his right eye and will likely need surgery. Police said they are still investigating the incident. However, a police spokesman said the alleged attackers had been blacked out of the police report.

The video shows Kamara punching the man at least eight times, and his friends and assistant stomping on his face for at least 20 times. Afterward, he lunged at the man, punching him eight times in the face. The man, who did not run away, did not defend himself. The video shows Kamara repeatedly punching the man, and the video is clear to see that he was unable to avoid Kamara’s assault.

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It’s unclear if Alvin Kamara was the alleged victim or another individual. The alleged victim shared the photo of his injuries on Instagram. The face of the man was seriously battered, and the photo shows Alvin Kamara’s attacker in an unconscious state. The police report does not say who the other person is, but it is clear from the photo that the alleged victim was not able to breathe.

While Kamara told police that he hit the victim after Greene called him ugly, the alleged victim claims Kamara punched him nine times. The man also said, “I’ll whoop your a** too.” Police footage showed Greene on the ground and another person punching Kamara in the face. The video shows the alleged victim being beaten up eight times before Greene collapsed. The police report also shows the alleged victim being stomped on by other members of the group.

The NFL has yet to make a public statement regarding the alleged incident. However, it is likely that Kamara will be fined and suspended. There is no way to predict whether the NFL will be more aggressive or lenient in the coming days. The alleged incident took place during the Pro Bowl, and it seems unlikely that the NFL will be surprised that the NFL’s most decorated player would be arrested at the same event.

Police have arrested two players in the alleged beating. The alleged victim’s friend was able to take a picture of the altercation. However, he was unable to take the picture himself because the injuries were so severe. It is not known if the alleged victim is aware of the video, but it is clear that the four men involved are not being cooperative with the authorities. They are all facing charges of battery causing substantial bodily harm and conspiracy to commit a crime.

According to the police report, the fight began when Kamara and three others were making their way to an elevator at a club on Las Vegas Boulevard at around 6:30 a.m. Saturday. The alleged victim said that Kamara had put his hand on his chest and punched him, but the video does not show whether the attack was intentional. It is unknown if Kamara was the only one who was behind the assault, but he had been seen fighting several times before.

The NFL is still investigating the incident, but it is not yet clear how much Kamara’s actions were deliberate. The New Orleans Saints have been searching for answers since Kamara was arrested in October. The investigation will begin with the AFC Pro Bowl. The NFL will release the Continuation Report after Kamara has been cleared of the charges. There will be no further comment until then. A public statement is expected to follow.

Kamara has been charged with battery resulting in substantial bodily harm and released on bail. The arrest occurred hours after the Pro Bowl game, but the NFL has yet to make an official statement regarding the matter. The NFL has yet to comment on the allegations, but the video showed Kamara punching Greene and his fellow suspects in a vicious attack. In the meantime, the NFL has issued a statement defending its star running back.

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