What is Upper Handicap? Ways to Catch Bets to Win

Football betting is attracting a large number of participants. What is the upper and lower rafter is probably still quite new to many people. Let’s see what these types of bets are special and how to play!

1.What is the upper and lower bets?

Whether playing football betting or finding out what the over and under bets are, … the term upper rafter always occupies an important position. To be able to play well in football betting at the house Nbet88 or anywhere, you need to learn about the types of rafters.

1.1 Terminology of the upper rafter

The upper hand is the first term while figuring out what the upper hand is. This is a word used to refer to a team that is stronger, better in shape, dominant than the opponent. The stronger team is usually the one with a big name and highly regarded by experts.

When playing online or offline betting, people often choose the above bet. Because strong teams often bring bettors big wins. The team on the top is usually marked in red in NBET sports.

1.2 Terminology of underdogs

In contrast to the upper rafters, the concept of the underdog refers to the teams that are weaker in both expertise and physical strength,… The team in the lower rafters will usually be a handicap team, little known because it has nothing. outstanding.

In football betting, players rarely bet on the team that is on the bottom. They think that teams that are considered weak will not bring victory. The lower hand is displayed in gray, black or blue.

2.The handicap rates in the types of rafters

Whether playing football betting at Nbet or at any bookie, you must learn the handicap odds. Although NBET casino has many promotions, the handicap conventions are still the same as other places.

2.1 Left half handicap

The left half handicap is the ratio you need to know first when learning about what is the upper and lower handicap. This is the rate that you choose the most when catching the above bet. This form is not difficult to understand, if you choose the above bet, you will accept the team at the bottom half of the goal.

If the match ends in a draw, whoever bets on the bet will lose the bet. This happens because when the left half handicap means that the weaker team will get half a point. At that time, even if the score is tied, they will still have a higher score

2.2 Handicap left

When finding out what the upper and lower odds are, this type of handicap ¼ left cannot be ignored. Similar to the left half handicap, this odds means that the upper hand is the lower hand. The winning team will almost eat all the bets and vice versa.

When the final result is a draw, the underdog will take half of the bet. They don’t win because this is not a half-left handicap. Handicap ¼ left is quite safe odds for players.

2.3 Handicap odds left

What is the upper and lower bets? What is the left ¾ handicap do you already know? This is a fairly common type of handicap, just behind the left half handicap. They are often chosen by players at NBET sports when betting on small matches.

Handicap left ¾ is the ratio that the upper hand will accept the lower than 0.75 result. If the team above wants to win, it must create a result that is 2 goals different from the other team. If you only win with a distance of 1 goal, the upper bet will win half the money, the lower bet will lose half of the money. When the underdog team draws or wins the upper team, the lower bet will eat a lot of money.

Screenshot 2

2.4 Handicap odds 1 left

You guys find out what the upper and lower rafter is, perhaps very curious about this handicap, right? Similar to the bets mentioned above, the team on the upper hand will accept the lower hand, in this case, the handicap is 1 left.

The top team will win if the final result is 2 goals higher than the remaining team. The remaining results are usually counted as a loss. Therefore, you should consider carefully before choosing this odds. It has a very high risk so it can be detrimental to you.

Bầu cua NBET

3.Some betting tips that you need to know

After you know what the upper and lower odds are, you should learn some betting tips. Tips to help you bet more effectively and accurately. From there bring big bonuses.

3.1 Checking with the rafters table

Looking through the rafters table is the most commonly used way by you, especially those who are new to understanding what the upper and lower rafters are. You should rely on the odds table to assess the situation between the two teams. Note that this should only be done when the house does not interfere in the betting process.

Pay attention to the odds, especially the number of handicaps. Odds will also fluctuate according to the match situation. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to make the most informed decisions.

3.2 Checking when the house makes a bet

Registering for NBET, you can check at the time the house makes the bet. This tip is considered the most important thing that everyone must know if they want to play well. You need to carefully learn the information related to the match that day. Such as information about the team, playing history, strengths of the players, …

You can search for information on social networks or simply visit the homepage of NBET. The appropriate time for you to enter the bet is from 4 to 5 hours. This is the timeline that the house releases detailed information about the match.

3.3 Asian, Asian football betting u u

What is the upper and lower rafter, it is impossible not to mention Asian and European rafters. You need to follow the odds table shared by big bookies like NBET casino. If you see that the European rafters tend to decrease sharply, and the Asian bets decrease slightly, the probability of the host winning is high.

This betting tip is called by the people in the profession. However, you need to be very careful because it has a very high risk of causing you to lose. The reason is because the high odds often appear at the end of the match.

Through the above information, have you understood what the upper and lower rafters are? This concept is often relative, each person will have a different interpretation. Wish you choose the best bet, play well and win big!

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