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Combined indirect heating boiler

In modern construction, a very important component is not only the construction of the building frame, but also the creation of comfortable conditions for living and carrying out all communications. One of the first on this list will be the heating of the living space. Availability of hot water is also an important detail. If it is not possible to conduct centralized systems, autonomous equipment will come to the rescue. A combined indirect heating boiler is perfect for these tasks.

The main distinguishing feature of such units is to use the heating system in the winter and to be a direct heating boiler, bypassing the heating system in the summer.

  • In winter, when the heating is at full capacity, a single-circuit boiler functions together with the boiler. From it, hot water is supplied to the heat exchanger, and the water is heated.
  • In the summer, when there is no point in the operation of the boiler, the boiler can work independently. In order to ensure its operation, you can use both electricity and gas.

To ensure the distribution system, the boiler is equipped with an additional controller that manages all processes. Of course, this will affect the price, but it is worth it.


The positive aspects of such a device are not without reason considered to be:

  • long service life of the unit;
  • there is no need to buy fuel supplies;
  • it is possible to choose the energy on which the boiler will work – electric, gas, solar;
  • good power allows you to heat water quickly enough.


Along with a fairly significant list of advantages, there are also disadvantages:

  • there is a need to purchase additional devices. At least a circular pump;
  • the need to take into account the boiler at the stage of designing the house;
  • dependence on the correct functioning of the heating boiler.

Principle of operation

A combined boiler is a device that is able to receive energy produced by external sources. Its structure is not so complicated: it is a container covered with a heat-insulating layer. The capacity can be from 20 liters to several cubic meters.

For the first time, such a device appeared inside chimneys around heating batteries, it got the name “coil”. Although it was more like an indirect instantaneous water heater. Now such a coil is installed in the internal tank of the boiler. The heat-carrying stream heats the water used for domestic purposes.

The advantage of the combined heating boiler is that it can be used not only in the winter period, when the heating season is underway, but also in the summer, including during problems on the track that lead to shutdowns and interruptions in supply.


Based on the conditions under which the device is used, the required water consumption, different sacramento water heaters with a different set of functions and properties can be installed.

  • Flow type. The most famous modification is a gas column. Their use is possible only if the problem of removal of combustion products and installation of additional ventilation is solved.
  • An ordinary electric boiler. If it is not possible to use gas equipment, then the well-known device will heat the water.
  • Two-circuit gas boiler. A significant disadvantage of such a system will be almost twice as much gas used. Savings can be achieved if you change the components to a simple single-circuit boiler and add a combined boiler to it. Otherwise, the system can provide a fairly high water flow rate.

Floor combined boilers of indirect heating are most often used.

Types of bandages

Connecting the boiler of indirect heating refers to the connection of the pipelines of the boiler with the water supply. The operation of the system as a whole depends on how the installation will be carried out.

Strapping with the help of a servo drive and a three-way distribution valve

There is one nuance here – the temperature you set on the regulator must be set higher than the temperature set in the heater! In another way, it will not be possible to heat the water to the mark at which the switch to the heating circuit will take place.

Strapping with two pumps

Another strapping option is with the parallel use of two pumps. One is mounted on the heating circuit, the other on the hot water supply. Control of the pumps is also entrusted to the thermostat, as in the first case. It is he who switches the operating mode.

At the same time, the quality of heating remains at a high level.

The main thing – when tying two pumps, it is necessary to install non-return valves at the outlet of each. This is done so that there is no mixing of oncoming flows inside the coolant.

Binding with a hydraulic arrow

If the heating system has many branches, such as a multi-circuit battery system or a separate branch for a warm floor, then it makes sense to use this type of strapping. To avoid difficulties with a system in which each of the circuits is equipped with its own recirculation pump, a hydraulic distributor is used.

The water gun must balance the pressure in each direction and prevent thermal shock.

Tips for choosing

  • Get ahead of the maximum price you are willing to pay for the water heater.
  • Determine the power of the unit. The rate of heating directly depends on it.
  • Select the dimensions and dimensions.
  • Check the degree of protection and insulation.
  • Consider all service centers, whether they are located on the territory of Russia.
  • Check the product warranty.

Before choosing a combined boiler of indirect heating, be sure to familiarize yourself with the principles of operation and general recommendations.

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