Guide of KuCoin about the Lunc and Luna Crypto

KuCoin is one of the world most leading platforms for trading cryptocurrency. Due to a large number of Altcoins listed on a KuCoin with a trading volume of more than 1 trillion dollars, KuCoin established its name in the digital currency world. Kucoin not only provides a platform for trading but also provides a guide for new and or experienced traders. The KuCoin marketplace contains one million-plus news feed from eighteen million investors to provide more legit information. In 2021, KuCoin will list Tera Luna on their site, so we are here to discuss it and the airdrop of Terra Luna named Lunc

KuCoin Guide Related to Terra Luna and Luna Airdrop (Lunc):

Due to the collapse of the Luna coin in the Terra ecosystem, the Luna community work on different methods to save their ecosystem. In this regard, Proposal 1623 is highly helpful in creating a new blockchain for Terra. 

Article 1623:

After the voting, Article 1623 was passed; this article proposed the genesis of a new blockchain. According to this article, the old blockchain is named Terra classic, and its coin is named Luna classic (LUNC). While new blockchain is Terra, and its coin is LUNA. The new blockchain aims to create a stable coin for the new Terra network. 

Terra 2.0:

Terra 2.0 is a new blockchain that is highly different from Terra 1.0. Terra 2.0 is not related to the algorithm of stablecoin and stable coin of UST. Most of the Terra projects like Astroport, Prism, Spectrum, etc., already joined Terra 2.0 after its launch in May 2022. Also, the old Terra 1.0 LUNC exists and has not disappeared yet.

Difference Between Terra 1.0 and Terra 2.0:

The difference between them is like an ETC and ETH. The old chain of Ethereum is called Classic, while the new one is just named Ethereum. Similarly, Terra 1.0 is an old blockchain, and its coin is LUNC. On the other hand, Terra 2.0 is a new blockchain, and its coin is LUNA but on both the coins trading is going on and as per a strong believe  these coins will  soon get amazing hight. 

Airdrop of Terra Blockchain:

The deserving users are going to get an airdrop amount of new LUNA. Terra classic, which is named USTC, is held in its blockchain. The time and amount of these tokens indicate the airdrop of the new LUNA.


The best thing about KuCoin many traders experience is that they always indicate the changes going on in their marketplace, whether the information about the new coins listing and delisting, you will get all the updates in the meantime. This article discusses one of the world’s most wonderful cryptocurrencies, Terra LUNA. Many traders love to trade it daily or hold it for long-term trade. The community behind this coin is highly professional and updates its customers about the changes in the right time frame. Due to the high popularity of this coin, KuCoin released a detailed guide about the Terra LUNA blockchain.

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