Roulette Hi88 – 4 Effective Betting Strategies Of Professionals

Roulette Hi88 is having a strong attraction for bettors in the online Casino category. This game is easy to play but difficult to win, many people have baked a lot of money into the spins just because they do not know the rules and do not have their own secrets. Those of you who are losing when participating in this game, learn and immediately apply the following 4 effective strategies revealed below to close which bet wins that bet.

Roulette Hi88 What is the game?

Roulette has a pure Vietnamese name, which is the lucky stork. The game has been around for a long time at traditional Casinos, now available in Nhà cái Hi88 in the form of online play. Accordingly, the tool will include: A wheel divided into 37 boxes numbered from 0 to 36 and 1 ball.

Roulette Hi88 What is the game?

The player’s job is to correctly predict where the ball will stop after spinning. If your prediction is correct, you will receive a bonus corresponding to the bet you have chosen.

Instructions on how to play Roulette Hi88 basic

To make it easier for players to visualize the Game, below is the sequence of a bet at Hi88:

Step 1: First, the player proceeds to place the chip in the box that he predicts is likely to return, including:

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Instructions on how to play Roulette Hi88 basic

  • Single bet: That is to place money on a specific box from 0 – 36.
  • Double bet: Place chips on any two numbers on the wheel.
  • Line bet: Place the chip on the bottom edge of the row you choose.
  • Corner bet: Placed at the intersection of 4 numbers, helping to increase the chances of winning.
  • Two-row bet: With Roulette bet type Hi88 Here, you will place the chip at the intersection of any 2 rows.
  • Column bet: That is, put money in the box “2 to 1” at the end of the column to bet all the vertical columns.
  • Dozen bets: Place a group of 12 numbers in positions “1st 12”,”3rd 12”.
  • Red/black bets: With this method, you place your chips on the color you like.
  • Even or Odd Bet: Predict whether the lucky number is even or odd.
  • Half table bet: That is, you predict that the ball will fall on the low half (1-18) or high half (19 – 36).

Step 2: The player completes the bet, the dealer proceeds to rotate the wheel and drop the ball in.

Step 3: The wheel stops, the ball stops in which box Dealer will announce the result and place symbols on the winning cells. The bonus will be added to the player’s account immediately according to the corresponding rate of each door if the result is correctly predicted.

4 strategies to play Roulette Hi88 Only the masters know

With this lucky spin game, there are many different ways we can apply. However, according to the conclusions of the players, these are the 4 most effective tactics that you can refer to.

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4 strategies to play RouletteHi88 Only the masters know

Roulette Strategy Hi88 – James Bond

This is a pretty good strategy, applied by many people with a high probability of winning. Accordingly, you will shred your capital to bet according to the following ratio:

  • In cell 0: Set 100K at 1:35 ratio.
  • In box 13 – 18: The player places 500K at the ratio 1: 5.
  • In box 19 – 36: Next bet 1400K at the ratio 1: 2.

You can adjust the bet amount according to the amount of capital you have reasonably. According to the players, this way increases the chances of winning up to 70%, but players need to have a large enough capital to follow.

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Roulette game strategy

Continuing is a Roulette strategy Hi88 Another effective way you can apply is revolving bets. First define a certain bet order for two fixed areas on the turntable to place money. Divide the numbers into different areas, and then place money in most areas to increase your chances of winning.

This is also considered a smart tactic. Everything happens completely at random so the chances of winning are relatively large.

Roulette Strategy Hi88 go the wrong way

Players will bet diagonally, go to the end of a game and stop a game, the next game does not return to the old game path. You have a total of 3 games to go diagonally, each line will have different values.

Unbeatable Martingale Roulette Strategy

Roulette Strategy Hi88 This is also called folding, is applied in many betting games today. Accordingly, you only need to be loyal to one door and double your money for the next game if that game is lost.

For example, in this game, you place an Even box, but the ball falls on a certain number. The next game continues to place that door but doubles the money. Keep doing this until you win, then return to the original amount. This way also requires the player to have enough capital to follow through to the end, to avoid losing in half.

With all the above sharing, you must have basically grasped how to play Roulette Hi88 as well as the secret to how to conquer the game, right? Join the experience now to have a chance to receive great bonuses every day at Hi88.

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